Deep Learning based vegetable disease detection and classification

Project Title: Deep Learning based vegetable plant disease detection, classification and remedy suggestion system for helping local farmers of Nepal.

Research Area: Agriculture and Information Technology

Subjective categories: 1) Agriculture   2) Information Technology


Project site: Nepal

Beneficial People/ Area: Many farmers have to suffer in huge ranging from thousands to millions because of the plant diseases that deteriorate millions of plants yearly. The insects like Army Worm are capable of destroying hundreds of acres of farm land within a very short interval of time. To cope with such challenging fears of farmers, our project aims to render the innovative solution that tremendously helps local farmers to recognize the corresponding diseases in their vegetables, and guide them automatically to provide suggestive remedies. In addition, the system could help the farmers to raise the alarming threats immediately to convey the intended message directly to the department of agricultural disease control center of  concerned authorities.


Initially, the pilot project aims to develop the intelligent system to identify diseases centered around two plants: tomato and potato, which later on can be extended to other vegetables, and plants.

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