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Who We Are

GURU Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer data analytics company to innovate and develop advance mobile and computer based softwares on worlds most reliable and trust-able technology platform Java, Big Data. Our trusted and tested software services with internationally leading expertise in technology domain has helped many of the national organizations, private organizations, municipalities, and other government offices to ease out their jobs from paper based expensive methods to paper less completely trustworthy reliable digital platform. The outcome of our implicit continuous effort in digital technology based solutions has significantly influenced public centered services and has become extremely helpful in understanding people common problem in the municipalities/rural municipalities and introduce effective development planning tasks and strategic management of resources using our Data Analytic software solution.

What We Do

We provide New Generation Technology solutions led by the team of globally expert Engineers and IT specialist. GURU pioneers in Smart Technology and Engineering with a ‘Skill Development Program’ by providing opportunities to learn via live project exposures and real time working culture.

GURU acknowledges the dynamic business environment in rapid growth, efficiency and quick responses which are essential to success in an emerging globally competitive environment. This scenario translates into the need for having the right information at the right time and at the right cost, and GURU proudly presents the capability and willingness to provide just that. We believe in continuous support, service, and commitment for excellence which seeds innovation in spirit.


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